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Commonly asked questions

What is your average turnaround time for a photoshoot or wedding?

My average turnaround time very so much on busy season. Things can depend on how many clients are ahead of you in my editing cue, how many photos I'm returning for you, life seasons and so much more! I will for sure have your gallery back to you under 2 months.  I try extremely hard to have it for you sooner then that! I do give sneak peeks for wedding galleries delivered under one week. I am unable to do sneaks for any other sessions at this time. My one exception is proposals, those bump to the top of my cue & can be expected to be returned under a weeks time. I appreciate your understanding and patience! I love being able to take on a lot of work but please understand these are the circumstances of that! 

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Would you travel to me?
If I decide I want to book you what happens next?

Absolutely!!! Traveling to shoot in new spots is a serious joy of mine! If you are driving distance away from me you can expect a $1 fee per mile be added for travel for there and back travel, from my home near Grand Rapids Michigan. If you are out of state or out of country please reach out and we can chat about all the travel details! If your going, I want to go with you!!!

Ummm YAY! I'm truly honored and beyond excited to get the opportunity to be apart of your big day! Initially I would need some information about you to make a contract! Then I require a 20% date holder fee to hold your day! This is non-refundable as I am turning down other clients in order to hold your wedding day for you!

"I am so awkward and don't know how to pose"
Do we get printing rights?

Please don't even give this a second thought! I hear this comment ALL OF THE TIME! I'm am so not worried or bothered if you feel like less then a "model couple" I promise you! Let me first address posing. I am never going to stand you in a pose move your hand in a certain position, legs in a certain position, face in a certain position... ummm no! I will however give you directions and prompts to follow that are open for your interpretation. Let me tell you I love to see the way you can be YOU in our session!! Interpret my directions exactly how you like. But please do trust me, try to let go of any stress in your mind because the best photos come out when you are relaxed and being yourself!

Of course! You will get a print release with your online gallery, which gives you the rights to print and share your photos however you'd like! However as the photographer, I will retain the original image copyright.

Do you offer prints and albums?

If you want it I got it! Christmas cards, wedding albums, wall canvases! Of course you can make prints on your own but I highly recommend if you chose to invest in high quality photos, you go through a professional print tab like Pixiest!

Can we see a full wedding gallery?
Do you have backup equipment?

Excellent question and the answer is yes!! Please shoot me an email and I'll send some right over!

I do as every vendor should!

Will you help me with wedding planning?
Do you recommend a first look or waiting till the alter?

I have been to my fair share of weddings, I've seen a lot of things that work and a lot of things that don't! I absolutely would love to be of assistance to your planning process if you so desire! I can assist in day of timeline planning. When you are ready I'm just an email away! I also send out a vendor recommendation list which has my top favorite vendors I have worked with. 

Let me start off by reminding you that this is YOUR day! If you have felt pressure to be swayed one way or the other don't! I can assist you in a successful first look day of timeline, or a successful waiting till the alter timeline! So please don't be stressed for anyone else's sake.

Pros of first look

-spending more of the wedding day with your spouse. 

-most photos get done before the wedding so you can enjoy greeting people after the ceremony at a cocktail hour

Pros of waiting to the alter

-special moment of groom seeing bride in dress shared with everyone

-typically a little more emotion is shared

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